About Red Clay Energy Services

Chuck Leblanc founded Red Clay Energy Services in 2011 to provide comprehensive oil field production services across the United States.

Red Clay Energy Services currently provides oil and gas workforce services in North Dakota, Texas, and Louisiana. Red Clay Energy Services has obtained an A+ rating in safety, and has never received anything below an A+. 

Red Clay Energy Services provides its customers with the best personnel and services possible. We establish and maintain strong customer relationships through honest, fair and ethical business ventures. Red Clay Energy Services prides itself on its customer relationships, and we focus on clear communication while building relationships with each customer. 

Mr. Leblanc drives each employee to excellence, and Red Clay Energy Services does not accept anything less than one hundred percent dedication and professionalism from each team member. Each of our employees has obtained vast experience in the oil and gas industry, many with experience in upper level management and leadership positions. At Red Clay Energy Services, our company culture encourages an environment of trust where employees can share ideas while being creative and generous with their knowledge and talents. Our company’s core values and goals are shared by each employee, and we also coach all of our employees to become highly engaged, productive and safe on the job.

Red Clay Energy Services works with the following major oil companies across the United States: 
  • Continental Resources, Inc.
  • Marathon Oil Company
  • PetroQuest Energy, LLC
  • Denbury Resources, Inc.
  • Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation
Are you ready to partner with Red Clay Energy Services? We strive to provide the best oil and gas workforce solutions in the business. Take a look at our services, and contact Red Clay Energy Services today to get started.